Compass Accounting, an accounting firm in winnipeg is a full service public practice firm registered in many provinces. Our goal is to provide clients the right information to help make decisions and improve efficiency.

Year End Financial Statements

If you manage your own bookkeeping, or use a bookkeeper throughout the year, we can complete year end with compiled financial statements and your corporate tax return.

You can trust that commodity and income tax returns will be processed on time, accurately, and with careful attentiveness to ensure that all deductions are claimed.

Compass Accounting focuses on providing value, not numbers. Our comprehensive reports assess opportunities, advise on trade-offs, and respond to changing conditions for your growing business.

A well-defined business plan gives business owners a realistic and detailed roadmap to help achieve success. Preparing for the future is essential for all businesses.

Have you ever wondered what your business is worth? We can advise you when buying or selling your business, and review your company’s value for tax purposes, too.

Build a business you would pay a premium to buy. A well-structured business plan can help you plan for growth, asset replacement, cash needs, and anything else you might see coming your way.

Don’t be in the dark about your finances. With professionally prepared financial statements, you can ensure your business is on the right track.

financial statement preparation

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