Opportunity Analysis

Are you missing opportunities in front of you?

Performance-based management reporting enables a shift from reports that accumulate transactions to reports that meaningfully highlight the key areas that impact business performance.

The goal with opportunity analysis is to increase profitability. This is key for all businesses, but essential for smaller ones. Performance-based reporting helps support strategic, tactical, and operational decision-making.

Performance-based reporting puts key information front and centre to help you quickly adapt to change and capitalize on opportunities. These reports can create a cultural shift in your management team’s operations by providing tools that…

  • Assess financial opportunities.
  • Help you understand trade-offs by modelling different options and outcomes.
  • Monitor operational and financial performance.
  • Drive day-to-day operational processes.
  • Determine ideal allocations for capital and resources.
  • Respond to changing business conditions.

Compass Accounting focuses on providing value, not numbers. Our experience demonstrates that a performance-based reporting system can help build business value and increase profitability.

We use a three-stage approach to get you on the right path:

  1.  Determine what to measure. Working with you, we identify key performance indicators for your business, based on your experience and industry.
  2.  Adjust your current transaction reporting process to capture information in a way that supports the performance-based analysis.
  3.  Design a clear, timely, relevant reporting system that extends beyond a monthly financial statement.

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