Winnipeg Accountant and Team of Professional CPAS for your Business.

Focused On Performance

Our accounting firm will help you set, reach, and manage proper performance goals for your business. We’re not just about charts and numbers, we’re about guiding you to success.

Saves You Time And Money

You already manage everything else, so leave the accounting to us! We’re CPA professionals, which means we know the most efficient ways to keep track of your cash flow.

Automatic and Simplified

Efficient bookkeeping makes management easier, allowing you to spend less time entering numbers and more time running your business.

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Our Winnipeg Accounting Services

Cloud-based Accounting

Compass Accounting can help you manage your business from anywhere in the world. Cloud accounting means we’re just a click away from tracking, reporting, and analyzing your operations.

Start Ups

We analyze your business and use that data to help you grow, plan, and make financial decisions for your business—even if you’re just starting out.

Opportunity Analysis

Compass Accounting focuses on providing value, not numbers. Our comprehensive reports assess opportunities, advise on trade-offs, and respond to changing conditions for your growing business.


Our tax professionals can help you with your corporate or personal taxes. We can also offer assistance with tax planning, GST, payroll taxes, and other compliance requirements.

Business Plans

A well-defined business plan gives business owners a realistic and detailed roadmap to help achieve success. Preparing for the future is essential for all businesses.

Business Valuation

Have you ever wondered what your business is worth? We can advise you when buying or selling your business, and review your company’s value for tax purposes, too.

Our Packages



Starting Rate Per Month
  • Cloud Accounting Software Subscription
  • Year-end compiled financial statement
  • Corporate tax return
  • Business owner’s personal tax return
  • Quarterly GST/HST filing
  • Annual Business Performance Meeting



Starting Rate Per Month
  • Cloud Accounting Software Subscription
  • Year-end compiled financial statement
  • Corporate Tax Return
  • Business Owner’s Personal Tax Return
  • Quarterly GST/HST Filing
  • Quarterly Business Performance meeting
  • Monthly Business Performance report
  • Annual corporate tax planning
  • Annual Personal tax planning for business owner
  • 10 hours of consultations Annually
  • 15% discount on income tax return preparations for employees and family members
  • Gig Economy Taxes

    Gig Economy Taxes

      You’ve probably heard the buzz: in the 21st, we’re transitioning to a gig economy. There are advantages and disadvantage …

Professional CPA

Our Accounting Benefits

Do you need a customized and flexible solution for your business needs? Many businesses wish they had a program or an accountant that could help them to see more information on their performance metrics and help keep their costs in check. Now, you can do just that with Compass Accounting.

We are proud to offer an efficient system that can help you to maximize your financial reports and stay compliant with your government filings. We aim to help you improve the performance of your business and achieve your goals each year. Based right here in Winnipeg Manitoba, we help to automate and simplify your bookkeeping process so you have more time to spend on important day-to-day issues.

One of our most beloved services is the cloud-based system that gives you access to our services from anywhere in the world. We are just a few clicks away from your business’s information at any given moment. Our small team of professionals can even help you with all of the tax requirements at the end of the year. You can sign up for a flat-rate package that includes all of the services you truly need each year with no surprises.

New businesses will fit right in at Compass Accounting with services geared toward business plan creation, start-up analytics, and opportunity analysis. As you grow, we can even provide business valuation based on your performance and income.

No matter what your financial needs may be, our policy is to be here to help your business thrive. You can abandon those spreadsheets and the headaches that come from filing your own taxes. Leave it all to us and our cloud-based solution to help you improve the performance of your business and have a less stressful tax season.

Contact us today to see how we can customize a package specifically for your business!

Ready to take control of your accounting?