How Accounting Firms Ensure Client Confidentiality & Security

How Accounting Firms Ensure Client Confidentiality & Security

Accounting firms are privy to lots of sensitive financial information and need to prioritize the protection of client data. There are plenty of ways that accounting firms can protect sensitive financial information in the day-to-day operations of their businesses. You should ensure to ask questions about how they maintain confidential information before handing over your documents

Consider some of these security measures when hiring a CPA:

Secure File Sharing and Messaging

Everyone knows that email isn’t the best place to send along sensitive data; it can be hacked at any point and data breaches are common, even for the most conscientious service provider. Instead, an accounting firm should choose to use secure file sharing and messaging. 

There are quite a few types available on the market today. Ask questions about encryption for your files and communication. 

Individual Computer and System Security Software

Maintaining confidentiality means that your accountant minimizes the risk of a data breach in their system. This can be easy to circumvent with a robust firewall, antivirus software, and anti-malware protection. Ask about what programs they use if your primary concern is data protection. 

If your accounting professionals are just hoping that their computers won’t be subject to probes from hackers, they aren’t properly working to protect client data. 

Minimize Access to Physical Documents

When you come to a meeting with your accountant, do they have paperwork from other clients covering their desks? This is a clear violation of client confidentiality because anyone could read (or steal) data at this opportune moment. Instead, they should restrict access to personal and financial data by limiting access to physical documents. 

There should also be clear guidelines on who has access to that sensitive and confidential information. If they can’t tell you how they handle your financial statements and physical documents once printed, it could call into question their overall data security. There should also be a system in place to prevent unauthorized access attempts. 

Continued Education for Employees

Employee training is another way to ensure that an accounting firm maintains client confidentiality. Every member of the team should be educated on using only secure communication channels, how to properly access physical documents, and the rules surrounding both. They should also be warned on how to best avoid scams, malware, and viruses on their computers. 

With awareness of the risks posed to the client, having security protocols in place for every member of the team can secure data and reduce the risk of giving access to sensitive information to unauthorized users.

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