Starting a Business: Financing

You’re on your way to starting your business; you’ve figured out your place in the market, and how your product or service is going to stand out amongst the competition. You’ve figured out your business structure, created a business plan and conducted exhaustive market research to determine who to market to, and how to do so. With all of this … Read More

Starting a Business: Market Research

Market research is essential to constructing a viable business; before you open your doors, be they physical or virtual, it’s important to understand what your potential consumers want. The research that can be done is varied and complex, so consider this a succinct first step to understanding how good research can give a business a competitive edge. The first thing … Read More

Starting a Business: The Business Plan, Part II

Welcome back to our series for first-time business owners; today, we’ll analyze the rest of the business plan. To get the most out of this post, it’s important that you read Part I, where we analyzed the Executive Summary, Business Strategy and Marketing Strategy portions of the plan. Now, we will analyze the Operational Plan and Financial Forecasts, as well … Read More

Starting a Business: The Business Plan, Part I

You’ve decided that the dynamic world of entrepreneurship is for you; congratulations! Modern society was built on the backs of aspiring entrepreneurs who wanted to provide goods and services that were more efficient, less costly, or filling a niche that was theretofore unserviced.  Your grand ideas in mind, it’s now time to flesh your business out into something more concrete; … Read More

Starting a Business: The Joys of Entrepreneurship

Starting a Business is a series we’re running on the steps you need to take in order to begin your entrepreneurial journey. An entrepreneurial spirit is essential to succeeding in the business world; if you want to create change, critically question your environment, and use facts and intuition in conjunction to achieve your goals, then you’ve got what it takes … Read More

Do I Get Taxed on Rental Income?

Investing in a new property can be very exciting; there are many ways you can use a house to generate money. You might do renovations on the house and sell it in a few years; others purchase properties as bed and breakfasts. A popular way of using property for income is by renting it out to tenants; but does collecting … Read More