Business Use of Home and Other Handy Home Business Write-Offs

work from home

Running a business out of your home can be incredibly fulfilling. Think about all the different businesses that have started in someone’s garage; most of today’s uber tech giants were started as home businesses. That means there’s no telling how large your home business will grow – you might have to move out of the bedroom office you’ve made for … Read More

Why You Should Switch to Cloud Accounting

using cloud accounting and the benefits of it

Those of you reading this are probably still using old accounting methods. Plug all of your numbers into an Excel spreadsheet, print them out, bring them over to your accountant, wait, have the accountant return the spreadsheets, evaluate, make appropriate changes. Rinse and repeat. Okay, to be honest, I sincerely hope none of you are printing Excel spreadsheets; hopefully you … Read More

The Different Canadian Accounting Designations

different models to describe finances

Accounting is a complex subject, requiring years of study to learn, rigorous on the job training to practice, and decades to master. Canada has had certification programs for accountants for decades. Certification programs are useful because they allow clients to ensure the professionals they work with are being held to a high-standard; without designations, it would be impossible to know … Read More

From the Ashes

coming out of the ashes and starting a new life

Small businesses don’t always work out. There are so many factors at play: maybe it wasn’t the right time to move your product to market, maybe there was an unexpected breakdown in the supply chain. New taxes might have sliced into your profit margins enough that you couldn’t keep the business going, or a new technology might have rendered your … Read More