Businesses with a deep understanding of their finances perform better. Accounting and bookkeeping services give you a snapshot of the health of your business, all while equipping you with the tools you need to promote business growth.

Compass offers accounting for consulting firms in Winnipeg and also provide services for professionals across Canada. Our cloud-based accounting services offer everything from bookkeeping to payroll management.

Our services are scalable – as your business continues to grow, we’ll be able to provide you with more data, insight, and tools to meet your needs. And with a predictable, set monthly fee, our services are simple to budget for.

Take your business to the next level with Compass Accounting.

Why Accounting Services for Professionals Is Important

Accurate financial statements

There’s no end to the utility of regular financial reporting and accurate financial statements. From giving more insightful updates to investors to gaining a deeper understanding of your sources of revenue and financial health, detailed reporting is a must for any successful business. Trust Compass Accounting to handle your financial statements, including monthly cash flow, balance sheets, income statements, and more.

Billing & accounts receivables

Tired of chasing after clients to get paid for your services? Is your list of debtors growing? Are you feeling exhausted just looking at the stack of papers in your accounts receivable folder? It’s time to call in the professionals at Compass Accounting. We can help you restructure your billing and accounts receivable to ensure faster payment, and we’ll closely monitor profitability to come up with actionable solutions to improve your billing processes.

Time tracking & job costing

In order to properly assess how much you should charge for a project, you need to know how long that project will take – and how much it will cost you to pay your team during that time. We can help. Take advantage of our accounting services – we’ll evaluate how much time and money are being spent on human resources for a given project and help you adjust your job costing appropriately. After all, your company is powered by people – the prices you charge should reflect that.

Accounting for Professional Services


Proper payroll management ensures that your team gets paid on time, taxes, EI, CPP, and other fees are properly remitted, and that all payments are tracked and accounted for. We’ll help you implement payroll software to automate all of the most crucial payroll-related tasks. We’ll also use the information gleaned from payroll to give you more accurate reporting on HR-related costs.

Balance sheet generation & review

Balance sheets are, in many ways, the heart of a company laid bare – all of your assets and liabilities in a single statement. These sheets provide a snapshot of the financial health of your business at a given time. While they don’t tell you everything you need to know, they do offer insights into your cash conversion rate, profitability, and more. We’ll create accurate balance sheets for you and help you interpret them – all with the goal of optimizing your business.

Time tracking & job cost reporting

Are you using time tracking software? It can help you determine how much you should charge for a given project, and how much of your budget is going towards human resources. We can help you evaluate your time tracking software to ensure it’s giving you the insights you need to do the best accounting.


Have you moved to cloud bookkeeping? Trust us – it’s absolutely worth the change. Our cloud bookkeeping services will give you access to your financial documents wherever you are in the world. From monthly reports to reconciling accounts, our team will handle everything bookkeeping-related, giving you easy access to accurate documents whenever you need them.

List of Professional Services That Can Benefit From Accounting Services

Architectural firms

As an architectural firm, you work on projects that last for months on end. Accurate forecasting, proper financial reporting, and cash flow management are essential to ensure you have a runway to pay expenses over the course of a project. Our accounting and bookkeeping services will help you do just that, all while making each job you take on more

profitable. You design beautiful buildings – we’ll design a solid plan for your finances.

Marketing, advertising & PR agencies

You know what it’s like to work with intangibles like a company’s image. Finances can seem intangible at times – but when you’re working with an accounting firm like Compass, your cash flow, payroll, and reporting become material. We’ll help you grow, manage your payroll, and ensure you know exactly how much to charge each of your clients.

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We’re proud to serve the incredible community of professionals in Canada. Whether you’re in one of the careers we listed above or you work in another profession, we’ve got cloud accounting services to suit your every need. Together, we can make your company more profitable, more attractive to investors, and more financially lucid. We’re Compass Accounting. Call us today.

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