The Right Kind of Audit

having a audit being done and reviewing the paperwork

  There are words that can strike fear into the heart of any business owner. Claim denied. Slow season. Business tax increase. Tariffs. All of these things can make you want to run for the hills, but none are likely to ruin your day quite so much as two simple words: “Tax audit”. Being audited can take a lot of … Read More

What is Accounting?

accountant going over paperwork

  Accounting has been called “the language of business”. We vaguely understand what accounting is; we hire accountants to take a look at our financial transactions, to help us understand the tax code, and to help establish permanent systems for recording transactions. What is accounting, exactly? The question is somewhat hard to answer because it can mean so many different … Read More

The Impact Fee

taxes and how they affect a person

  In 2017, Winnipeg introduced a new by-law, the impact fee. This by-law introduces a fee on new developments in the City – presently, it only affects residential developments in certain areas, but it may be expanded to commercial developments and new zones soon (more on that later). In this brief post, we’ll go over the current cost of the … Read More

Accounting Before Tax Season

using an accountant before tax season

For most Canadians, we’re well away from tax season at this point, and everyone has breathed their collective sigh of relief. A lot of folks only think of accounting when tax season comes around, but accountants can be useful year round, for a number of different reasons. Whether you want an accountant for personal reasons, or for your business, there’s … Read More

Cooperatives in Manitoba

a bunch of words scrambled and the word cooperative is being spelt out

Back in 2013, Sobeys acquired Safeway Canada; in order to allow the deal to go through, the government stipulated that Sobeys would have to sell off some of their assets to other grocers. As a result, all throughout Winnipeg and Manitoba, you’ve likely see Co-op grocery stores, branded the same as the Co-op gas stations. These stores are owned by … Read More