Understanding The Impact Of High Employee Turnover

quitting your job

Every industry’s turnover rates differ. Some are much higher than others for obvious reasons; work like fishing and businesses that are particularly susceptible to seasonal peaks and valleys will see much higher turnover rates than other businesses. You might also see particularly high turnover rates in minimum wage jobs, as employees find other companies who will pay them more. Appreciating … Read More

Which Debts Should You Pay Off First?

trying to pay off debt

  You never want to make a choice between debt payments; optimally, your debt should be low enough that monthly payments towards each debt are sufficient to lower the principal (the part of the debt that isn’t interest). There are, however, times when you might not be able to pay all of your debts, and you need to choose which … Read More

10 Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs

different entrepreneurs and what characteristics work best for them

Not everyone has what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. That said, everyone can develop the traits of a successful entrepreneur; you just have to know what they are and work on your weak points. Though no two entrepreneurs are exactly alike, almost all of them share many of these traits:   Optimism When you think everything is going … Read More

Why Cash Flow Is Important And How To Manage It

talking about cash flow and how it works in your daily life

The cash must flow. Cash flow is one of the most important metrics to look at when trying to determine a business’s financial health – it’s helpful for determining an individual’s financial health, too. To understand the importance of cash flow, you must first understand what cash flow is.   Cash flow can be broadly divided into two categories: inflow … Read More