Why Business Planning is Not A One-Time Event

showing how to continuously ensure your business plan is flowing constantly

You’ve written your business plan. You read all the business plan writing guides to make sure it was perfect, you’ve performed your SWOT analysis, you’ve calculated one-year growth estimates given ideal, average, and poor market climates, you’ve created a strong organizational structure, and you’ve positioned yourself in the market. Whether you created the plan to guide your own behaviour or … Read More

Steps To Take Before You Prepare Your Taxes

tax season is coming and file your taxes soon

It’s February, and you know what that means – tax season is upon us. This article is going to focus on personal income tax, both because that’s what time of year it is, and because preparing business taxes are often a lot more complex. Though the tax deadline in 2020 is April 30th, you can get ready to file right … Read More

5 Things Most Startup Plans Are Missing

ways your startup should look like

A startup plan is a truly wonderful document – it’s filled with your aspirations, the research you’ve done, the reasons why investors should be interested, and your plans for the future. Startup plans are dreams put to paper. You can find a number of guides telling you how to write a business plan, but these guides can often lack guidance … Read More

The Benefits Of Performance-Based Reporting

graphs showing data on performance

Performance management has an absolutely fascinating history. According to Harvard Business Review, there are three main lenses through which you can look at performance management: as a tool for developing accountability, as a tool for employee development, or a third way, which incorporates elements of both. Companies have tried going numberless, tweaking how they manage performance-based reporting, and going back … Read More