What Is An RRSP?

piggy bank in front of a chalk board

An RRSP is a Registered Retirement Savings Plan. RRSPs were created by the Government of Canada in order to encourage people to save money for retirement. There are a lot of different reasons they want to encourage this behaviour. The first is that when you have access to a lot of wealth when you retire, you’ll be less reliant on … Read More

Invoicing Tips To Get Paid Sooner

using invoices to ensure you get paid on time

According to a recent report by Sage, 1 in 10 invoices are paid late. The report further finds that these late invoices are costing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) about three trillion dollars, globally. That seems like a huge number (it is), but for context, it’s the result of 10% of invoices being paid late. SME owners understand the impact … Read More

The Right Tools For The Job: Tools & New Businesses

looking for new tools to use for your business

New business owners face a host of challenges, but the most pressing is usually this: you only have so much money to grow your business, and to get more money, you need your business to grow. This means you have to spend wisely in the first few months of going into business, which might mean you avoid purchasing software or … Read More

How Is A Company Valued?

bunch of numbers put together and understanding the value of your business

  Determining the value of a company is incredibly difficult and there’s no one right way of doing it. One reason it’s hard is because there are so many moving parts to a company – assets, liabilities, revenue streams, stakeholders, etc. Another reason is because value is inherently subjective; a woodworking company is worth far less to me than it … Read More