Why Use Cloud Accounting – 10 Reasons For Making The Switch

theres a computer with a clouding accounting software

Cloud computing – in all of its extraordinary forms – is here to stay. We wouldn’t be surprised at all to see basically all accounting software migrate to the cloud – it’s that efficient. Though there are some very slight disadvantages (we may write about those in another post because they mostly relate to host servers going down), cloud accounting is the future. Here are 10 reasons you should migrate now:


It’s Cost-Effective

Cloud accounting is Software as a Service (SaaS). That means that it’s easy to scale your costs up or down by simply changing which plan you’re using. Updates to the software will often occur server-side, meaning little to no downtime on your end – no more having to purchase the newest edition.


You Can Collaborate Easily

One of the many virtues of hosting everything online is that no one needs access to your PC in order to access the software – as long as they can authenticate themselves, they can make changes. That means that whoever needs to can access your accounting software when necessary.


You Can Access It Anywhere

Your team can also access your accounting software from anywhere with Internet access. Need to make quick updates on a business trip? With cloud accounting, it’s no problem at all.


It’s Flexible

As we mentioned in the “It’s Cost Effective” section, cloud accounting is a highly flexible service with the ability to upgrade and downgrade as you choose. What’s more, migrating your accounting to the cloud means more room on your computers and servers for other data.


It’s Secure

Cloud accounting provides security in a number of ways. Secure servers and multi-factor authentication are just two of the ways. Another important element of security is diversifying where you keep your data. When all of your accounting information is stored in one place, catastrophe can wipe it all out. When it’s stored on a far-away server and backed up? You’re at far less risk.


You’ll Save Time

Server-side software updates mean fewer downloads and less risk of time-wasting IT problems. What’s more, cloud accounting is made to be incredibly user-friendly, so data input is simple and the learning curve is almost non-existent.


It’s Reliable

We’ve all been there – a computer crashes, and suddenly, we’re unable to access important files. When your files are stored on the cloud, however, access to almost any computer or handheld device can give you access to your files. No more down time from crashes!


Top-of-the-Line IT

Hiring your own IT department can be a daunting proposition, especially for small businesses. Cloud accounting softwares offer high-quality, in-house IT support, so if you’re ever having trouble with the software, you’ll get assistance – often 24/7.


Software Integration

Cloud accounting softwares can often be integrated with other software you may have. You might, for example, have payment or billing software – those transactions would be entered into your accounting software immediately and automatically. That’s powerful!


It’s Green

Cloud-based services are scalable – they only provide you with the resources you need. Should you need more, you get more, and when you’re using less, you’re scaled down. That means less wasted electricity. Cloud accounting isn’t just good for you – it’s good for the planet!


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