Some Budgeting Tips

Ah, the budget. For some, it’s an absolutely essential part of the business; there are folks who wouldn’t even dream of starting a business without a detailed budget, let alone running one without everything carefully accounted for. For others, it’s a dreaded chore; they see budgeting as guesswork, drudgery and, worst of all, almost pointless. The second type of person … Read More

More Budgeting Tips!

Today, we’re going over more tips for the reluctant budgeter. Budgeting can seriously improve the efficiency of your business by providing you with realistic expectations about income and expenses, but only if you’re diligent about it. You have to go into budgeting with the right mindset, the right team, and a good knowledge of the type of budgeting that will … Read More

Influencer Marketing

One of the hardest things for a company to do is establish trust. If you want people to buy what you create, they have to be convinced it’s worth the money. One of the ways we decide whether or not something is worth our hard earned cash is by asking our friends and family for recommendations, or by reading reviews … Read More

Creating a Customer Profile

Marketing is all about targeting; you want to understand your customer, and find ways to reach out to them. Everything from the method by which you reach out to the messaging you put in your advertising can be targeted to a particular customer profile. The first step to this targeting is to create the customer profile; assess who exactly you … Read More

Building a Website For Your Business

The days of advertising with only billboards and word of mouth are over. You need a website in order to attract customers to your business, even if you don’t have any wares to sell online. People will use your website to figure out your hours of operation, to get contact information, to find out what you sell and what’s available, … Read More

Brick and Mortar Vs. Online

The ubiquity of internet access in North America has changed everything, from our modes of communication to the way we shop. In the United States, Amazon has become one of the top retailers for everything from televisions to groceries; it has the variety of the department stores of old, with none of the challenges of keeping a large store well … Read More

What CRM Can Do For Your Business

If you’re a business with customers, you’re engaged in CRM; if you’re a business without customers, you’re probably still engaged in CRM, just in a very different way. CRM is short for customer-relationship management, and in some sense, it’s everything we do; whether you’re looking to acquire customers, retain customers or relate to customers, you’re trying to manage the customer … Read More

Hiring an Independent Contractor

Creating a successful small business is all about using your funds in the most effective way possible. Oftentimes, that means developing a team to shore up the skills that you lack; inventory management, customer service, research and development, and marketing all generally require experts working as a team, especially if you have the funds to establish a department for each. … Read More

How An Accountant Can Help Your Small-Business, Part II

Accountants are so useful for businesses small and large, we had to split the content into two parts! During Part I, we discussed how an accountant can help a start-up during the preliminary phase; it’s mainly by making sure all your ducks are in a row, so to speak, before you start pitching your business and making sales. In essence, … Read More

How An Account Can Help Your Small Business, Part 1

Whether you are a start-up or a long-running business, you’ll always be looking at your costs; where you can recoup money, and where cuts can be made. Sometimes, professional services are at the top of the list of things to cut, mainly because the price of ongoing professional services can seem large, and the benefits they give aren’t as clear-cut … Read More