Winnipeg Registered CPA Firm Turns Focus Towards Improving The Remote Accounting Experience To Assist Clients During COVID-19

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WINNIPEG, Canada – Compass Accounting, a forward-thinking and innovative registered CPA firm based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is proud to announce that they have turned their focus toward remote accounting to better assist their clients during the current pandemic. 

The company understands that business owners are facing a range of different issues due to COVID-19, and so rather than adding to those problems, Compass wanted to find solutions. They assessed their current methods of doing business, mostly face-to-face meetings, and identified ways in which these processes could be improved while reducing the need for in-person contact. By utilizing the power of the internet, online video calls, and other technology, they have dramatically reduced the amount of face-to-face contact required while still maintaining the same high standards upon which they have built their reputation. 

“At Compass, we like to view ourselves as partners to our clients rather than a simple provider of a service,” said Karen Kundel. “We understand just how seriously some of our clients have been affected by the global pandemic, or indeed the restrictions that businesses have had imposed on them by the government. We wanted to help in any way we could, which is why we turned all of our focus and attention toward improving the remote accounting experience. We are delighted with the results, and many of our clients have commented that the new processes are much more convenient, and as an added bonus, they have reduced the amount of time they have to set aside to fulfill their accounting requirements. We anticipate that once the pandemic is finally over, many of our customers will choose to remain with the remote accounting experience.” 

Compass Accounting is a Chartered Professional Accountant firm located in Winnipeg and serves clients in many provinces. They focus on helping business owners and managers get the most from their financial reports, keep costs in check with efficient systems, and stay compliant with tax and government filings. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at