Winnipeg Accommodation Tax

  The gig economy has radically shifted the way we all do business. Consumers have adopted these technologies rather quickly, running direct-to-consumer Etsy shops, using rideshare services to get around, and renting Airbnbs as a cheap way to explore the world. These changes are occurring rapidly; meanwhile, governments are, by their very nature, slow to modify their behaviour. The legislative … Read More

Gig Economy Taxes

You’ve probably heard the buzz: in the 21st, we’re transitioning to a gig economy. There are advantages and disadvantage to this new economy; on the one hand, work-life balance is much easier to achieve when you’re working as a freelancer. On the other hand, being your own boss requires a good amount of discipline, and your work probably isn’t providing … Read More

What’s in An Audit?

  Audits are a much-maligned, oft-feared, absolutely necessary part of our tax system. They have been vilified to the point that hearing the word “audit” elicits shivers down the spine, audible gasps, and resigned head-shaking. That level of vilification can make it hard to appreciate what exactly an audit is; why they exist, what the process looks like, and what … Read More

Climate Action Incentive in Manitoba

The Federal government has decided to take steps in order to combat climate change. The steps they are taking involve creating a pricing system for carbon-emitters, known as the output-based pricing system, and a charge on fossil fuels. The charge on fossil fuels is something the government worried would fall onto the backs of consumers, so for provinces without a … Read More

Content Creators and Taxes

  The Internet has opened up a whole slew of new avenues for making revenue, from Uber driver to freelance writer to AirBnB host. One of the important changes this creates for those who make money in the gig economy is that it becomes essential to understand what constitutes a business, what doesn’t, and what eligible business expenses can be … Read More

Should An Accountant Help File Your Personal Income Tax?

  Do-it-yourself has, for years, been somewhat of a punk aesthetic; bands like Fugazi arranging for tours and merch without middleman labels telling them what to do. With the advent of the Internet, DIY has become much more common; we see DIY home repairs, DIY science experiments, DIY clothing; if you can think of it, you can find a way … Read More

Record Keeping Tips

One of the biggest advantages to operating your own business is the ability to claim expenses incurred when you file your taxes. You can do this because the government wants to encourage you to open your own business; the more people who can do this, the more employment opportunities for Canadians of all stripes. The downside to this is you … Read More

Creating the Perfect Home Office

I’ve heard people call working from home “the dream”. There are a lot of advantages to it, especially if you make your own hours, but an improper setup can cause a serious loss in productivity. There’s a lot of distractions in the home, from family members to chores you want to do to your home entertainment system; that’s why it’s … Read More

What to Look For In An Accountant

Finding a professional to work with your business can be a daunting task. The goal is to find someone who understands complex and arcane systems that are integral to your businesses success; lawyers, software developers and accountants, to name a few. The problem is, if those systems aren’t in your wheelhouse, it can be hard to tell who is right … Read More

Understanding China’s Canadian Canola Ban

For any company looking to export its goods overseas, the Chinese market is incredibly attractive. The country has the highest population in the world, which means plenty of potential consumers; they’re also seeing some of the highest rates of GDP growth in the world, and their middle and consumer classes are growing rapidly. The country can be a bit fickle, … Read More