How To Keep Your Employees Motivated

  Let’s get something out of the way. This is not going to be a post where I tell you to buy your employees a pizza lunch every once in a while, or “7 Tips to Improve Employee Morale”. We’re going to take a hard look at employee motivation, what it means, and what you can do to improve it. … Read More

Social Media Marketing On A Budget

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In 2018, an estimated 2.65 billion people used social media and that number is slated to grow. 60% of Canadians spend time using social media, and over 80% have purchased something online. When you crunch these numbers, it becomes obvious that you need to have a social media presence in order to grow your business. Not everyone has an enormous … Read More

Should I Incorporate? The Pros & Cons Of Incorporating Your Business In 2019

  Among the many choices you’ll face as a business owner, the decision to move from a sole proprietorship or partnership to a corporation might be one of the most impactful. Those who make this move are usually already doing a lot of business or trying to accelerate their growth with private or public investments. There are advantages and disadvantages … Read More

How to Protect Your Data During Online Transactions

The landscape for businesses of all types has rapidly shifted in our digital age and more and more of our financial transactions are occurring online. As a business, it’s essential for you to safeguard your data – as well as your customers’ – when you’re transacting online. In this age, you have to be operating on the digital playing field, … Read More

The Expense of Managing Accounting Yourself

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Owning a business involves confronting a never-ending conundrum – should I hire someone else to do it, or should I do it myself? Broken down further, the decision is between the cost of spending your own time to complete an activity and the money lost performing an activity outside of your area of expertise, or the money gained by having … Read More

Common Tax Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Running a small business can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s certainly not easy work. One major change from being employed by a business to running your own is how you have to report your taxes. Small business owners are more likely to be audited by the CRA than folks who are employed by a business and there are several common … Read More

5 Keys to Promoting Accountability in Your Workplace

We are all, in part, the products of our environments. Imagine going into a workplace where no one ever takes responsibility for their actions, everyone is always trying to shift the blame, and dishonesty is rampant. Not only would you have a toxic experience, you’d likely begin exhibiting the same behaviours as everyone else – if not, you’d be held … Read More

Payroll Obligations to the CRA

The following is a brief guide for employers so you can better understand your payroll obligations Although payroll obligations are fairly complex and nuanced, we’ll break down these obligations into three sections: payroll obligations, CPP obligations, and EI obligations.   Payroll Obligations   First, determine whether or not you are considered an employer. Are you paying salaries and vacation pay? … Read More

Canadian Tax Strategies for Business Professionals


  We’re going to talk about how to minimize your income tax owed when you’re a business professional but talking about such a broad topic requires a brief caveat. The advice that we’re going to give here is general – there are deductions a dentist might be able to take that a general contractor could not, just as there are … Read More

HST, Explained

One of the key challenges facing any government is to try to find efficiencies without disrupting markets. This is arguably the best way of “making money out of nothing”; without having to create new revenue streams or increase taxes, when the government can decrease bureaucracy without sacrificing services, there are net savings. That’s one of the goals behind HST, the … Read More