Why Use Cloud Accounting – 10 Reasons For Making The Switch

Cloud computing – in all of its extraordinary forms – is here to stay. We wouldn’t be surprised at all to see basically all accounting software migrate to the cloud – it’s that efficient. Though there are some very slight disadvantages (we may write about those in another post because they mostly relate to host servers going down), cloud accounting … Read More

5 Tips For Your Firm To Survive Economic Uncertainty

Coronavirus is what’s sometimes referred to as a “black swan event” – something that suddenly and drastically affects the economy, characterized, in part, by its unpredictability and rarity. Your firm will need to take steps to survive. Each company will differ in exactly which steps to take, but the five tips provided below should help any firm, regardless of industry: … Read More

5 Tips That Operations Managers Can Use Today

Operations management is anything but simple, so the advice we give can only be somewhat generic. Nonetheless, these five tips should help you get your business operations running as smoothly as possible, no matter what your industry is. Make and Remake Your Production Plan When everything is going according to plan, your business may begin to wonder why they even … Read More

How To Grow A Social Media Following In 2020

Let’s start this post off with the bad news: there’s no guaranteed way to get a great social media following. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme type of thing. You want to grow your followers? You’re going to have to create engaging content, post it across multiple platforms, use analytics, engage with your followers, and create connections. Sounds good? Let’s dive … Read More

Tips To Manage Business Finances During The Reopening Phases Of COVID-19

How do you reopen your business during a global pandemic? There’s no easy answer. Your business may have to operate on reduced hours, and it may have to close down entirely again if case numbers spike. Uncertainty is always a fact of life for business owners, but right now the degrees of uncertainty are pretty intense. These tips will help … Read More

Your CERB Money Is Taxable. Here’s How It’s Going To Work

The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) has recently been extended – a maximum of $12,000 is payable under the program with the extension. This $12,000 (or any CERB amount you receive) is considered taxable, but it differs from traditional taxable income. More often than not, income is taxed at the source. You’ve almost certainly noticed this on your paycheck, where … Read More

Why Is The Canada Emergency Response Benefit Being Extended?

Analyzing the political, social, and economic reasons that a government would introduce or extend a policy is a complicated affair. Analyzing exactly why governments do what they do during a pandemic that’s been called unprecedented so many times that it’s become cliché, is daunting. To fully understand the impact of the CERB will take years, if not decades. Entire theses … Read More

6 Habits To Help You Use Your Credit Wisely

You’ve probably heard the old saying “money makes the world go round”. That may be true to a certain degree, but when you look at the spending habits of individuals, businesses, and governments, you might come to a different conclusion. An alien looking down at our species might say “credit makes the world go round” – using your credit wisely … Read More

Top 4 Ways To Increase Your Business Efficiency

There are a lot of important traits for any business to have. An important mission, a culture that benefits employees, a great leader – all of these qualities and more are essential to success. One of the most important qualities to have, though, is efficiency. A process is made efficient when it can be accomplished in less time and with … Read More

Tips To Get Your Start-up On Track

Your start-up is moving towards great things – at least, you want it to be. During all of the inherent chaos that comes with starting a new business, you may have become distracted from your goals. We know you want to push your start-up to be the best it can be; here are a few ways you can get yourself … Read More